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Product Care

With proper care an Elzner Originals wood utensil will last you a lifetime. To get the most out of your new wood utensil a few guidelines should be followed.



Use a small amount of dish soap with water and wash using a scrubbing pad, or brush until all food particles are gone. Do not allow the utensil to sit in the water for prolonged periods, as the wood expands in water. Allow to dry completely.


Care must be taken to preserve the bark edge. Please do not submerge board completely in water. For best results, hand wash with mild soapy water and periodically use mineral oil on the boards.


To keep your Elzner Originals looking new we recommend using a food grade mineral oil on your Elzner Originals. Mineral oil is great for any unfinished wood products including utensils, cutting boards, bowls, etc. Allow the utensil to dry completely before using.

We do not recommend washing in the dishwasher, as the heat and detergent can cause your utensil to crack.